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FABRICTAG is a trademark of LABEL&CO B.V., a Dutch family firm, specializing in personalized adhesive and textile labels. All production is privately run, with sign makers to ensure the development of any appropriate label.

FABRICTAG focuses on sewing labels, care labels, instruction labels, iron-on labels, adhesive labels, hang tags, woven labels, leather labels, and full-color textile labels on both the industry and (small) business, and consumer, with features like high quality at a very competitive price, and an exceptionally fast delivery. We have been assessed with a fastest time to market.

Features Iron on Labels
Soft, flexible material permanently adhering, in many shapes and sizes and strong heat transfer material, which is also removable. Both have a very good adhesion, excellent print quality and washer and (limited) dryer safe.

Features Iron on labels and Wash labels
Textile / Nylon / Polyester / Satin materials, durable and dimensionally stable in variable sizes. Excellent print quality, and washer and dryer safe.

Ample possibilities
We offer our customers the possibility to use own logos, symbols and fonts so your labels als always in the way you want. You'll not find this marketing mix at no other provider in this way. Moreover, we deliver fast worldwide in small amounts!


Guaranteefabrictag garanties
Our reliable team ensures that orders are shipped the fastest we can. We can manage this easily because all the operations are done by ourselves with a great commitment to our customers. We maintain a policy of no-nonsense 100% Money Back Guarantee!

FABRICTAG communicates, because of the focus on production and quality, as much as possible by e-mail. This is for all the most efficient. Due to a efficiënt IT environment, collegues can consult any contact in this matter. Of course any phone +31 (0)33 480 35 76 consultation is possible. You can also reach us by our c


LABEL&CO is innovative and expressly reserves the rights to its trademarks and brands. Merksticker, Plakovaaltjes, Sticky Ovals, Labelpoints, Labeltrio's, Merklabel are aslo trademarks of LABEL&CO B.V.

If there's anything else concerning this matter. Don't hesitate to call us or use our contactform.




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