Professional woven labels, printed textile labels, hangtags and much more ..

Forms and Letters Iron (on request)

ONLY ON REQUEST! Own text or letter combination, with or without shapes. Easy to apply.

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You want to own clothing or textiles 'printed' with continuous text, letter (s) or shapes? No problem!

These labels are supplied on special application tape. This provides a little extra protection and keep the labels when primed in place. A word for instance cab be applied at once. Simple, easy and permanent!

• Useful for names on T-shirts, shirts and other textiles
• A solution for associations, clubs, schools and businesses
• Fun, original and different f.i. special terms
• Available in almost any desired label format
• Permanent soft, but strong flex materials
• Washing and (limited) resistant dryer
• Iron and done (How? See our tutorial on Youtube)


Note: this type is not suitable for textiles treated with a stain resistant or water repellent coating


ONLY ON REQUEST! Place your request through our contact page. Do not forget your complete business / contact information. You can also e-mail with your idea and sample to There's a lot possible.